1987 - The world's first home Radon monitor

Our roots date back to 1987 when we released the first Home Radon Monitor and our drive for innovation and dedication to our customers has never slowed down since. 

Fun facts from 1987!

  • Our first digital Radon Monitor came with a wireless remote control! It allowed the user to read the Radon levels and reset the test. That was before Bluetooth and WiFi became a thing.
  • Our first home Radon monitor was wall mounted.
  • All monitors have had an easy-to-read 3-digit LED display and battery backup.

Our History and Mission

In 1987, Sun Nuclear developed the world’s first affordable Continuous Radon Monitor to  help people monitor Indoor Air Quality and avoid Radon-induced lung cancer.

Over the next two decades, Sun Nuclear grew into the worldwide market leader in Radiation Oncology Quality Assurance. In 2019, SunRADON LLC was formed to renew our focus on Radon and Indoor Air Quality.

SunRADON developed lüft with the mission to provide the most advanced, reliable, and affordable Radon and Indoor Air Quality Monitors to every home!


The EPA published the Indoor Air Quality Act that paved the way for "understanding of health problems associated with the existence of air pollutants in the indoor environment". The same year Sun Nuclear was founded and started developing its first Radon Monitor with help from an EPA grant.


Sun Nuclear released the worlds first digital Radon Monitor, At Ease. Its technology was granted a Patent in 1989. The technology described in that patent became the standard that is used ever since by Radon Monitor manufacturers around the world.


Building upon its extensice experience with radiation detection Sun Nuclear expands into Radiation Oncology Quality Assurance eventually becoming the worldwide market share leader in 2012.


Sun Nuclear developed a product line of professional Radon Monitors: Model 1027 (1997), 1028 (2006), and 1030 (2011). Model 1027 changed the Radon inspection industry - still loved for its reliability and ease-of-use by professionals 'till this day. 25 years later there are still more than 10,000 1027's in active use!


Sun Nuclear created a standalone Radon Business unit in 2017 that strengthened and renewed its focus on Radon detection to prevent Radon-induced lung cancer. That business unit became SunRADON LLC in 2019.


SunRADON launches a series of innovative products for professionals reinforcing its market leader position in Radon Detection.

  • Model 1028-XP with touchscreen interface and cellular upgrade options
  • OneRADON software suite that integrates mobile, desktop, and cloud use.


SunRADON releases lüft - the first plug-in, Radon and Indoor Air Quality Monitor specifically designed for consumers.

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