What is lüft?

lüft is a state-of-the art Radon and Indoor Air Quality Monitor designed and manufactured by SunRADON, the leader in Radon testing and monitoring since 1985. 

lüft plugs into any wall outlet, connects to your existing WiFi router, and never needs batteries or maintenance. Its contemporary, minimalist design and proportions make
it blend seamlessly into any décor whilst its large status light gives you a simple, at-a-glance indication of your current air quality.

lüft sensors monitor radon, toxic chemicals (VOCs) and environmental conditions. The iOS and Android ready lüft mobile apps provide information on the quality of the air in your home from anywhere, anytime.

Features that make sense and none that don't!

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6 Sensors that Matter

Radon, chemicals (VOC's), carbon dioxide (equivalent), temperature, air pressure, and relative humidity

Mold Risk and Outdoor Air Quality

Indicators to prevent mold development and exposure to bad outdoor air

Clear Visual Indicators

Green/Yellow/Red front status LED synchronized with mobile app

Integrated, customizeable Nightlight 

Unassuming yet Modern Design

Not another sore spot on your wall

No cables or power brick

No clutter on your nightstand or kitchen counter


Access to your indoor air quality anytime from anywhere

Integrated Bluetooth and connects to your home WiFi (2.4GHz)

Smart Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Sensor status dashboard with helpful tips and links

Trendcharts from 24h to 1year

Download data for further analysis

Data Sharing with Professionals

Share your data and have the professional of your choice monitoring your indoor air 24/7 to take actions when needed.


Set alarm and warning thresholds and frequencies

Set colors and brightness

Customize your mobile app theme

Notifications and Reports

Receive push or e-mail notifications when thresholds are exceeded

Schedule air quality reports regularly delivered to your email

Plug-in Device

Use any 110V outlet

90 degree rotation for bathroom outlets

Maintenance Free

No batteries, no calibration, no service required

Safety Guaranteed

ETL certified against stringent UL safety standards

FCC, CA, UL, RoHS, and Prop 65 compliant

Measures what matters!


Prevent cancer caused by that dangerous gas that is found at elevated levels in every 1 in 15 homes.

Chemicals (VOCs) and eCO2

Avoid the risk of infections, irritations, headaches and liver or kidney damage which can be caused by toxic chemicals. 

Humidity and Temperature

Prevent mold, mildew, headaches and general discomfort.

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Connected and Easy to Use

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Air quality dashboard and charts with notifications and helpful tips.

Wifi Connected

Access your indoor air quality status from anywhere, anytime. 

Front LED

A quick glance tells you the
air in your home is healthy to breathe.

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lüft is a clever multi-tasker that also doubles
up as a nightlight! Simply replace one of your plug-in nightlights
with lüft for the perfect two-in-one IAQ monitor
and night time lighting solution.

Safe and Reliable

Made in the USA

Made by SunRADON, the leading manufacturer of Radon and Indoor Air Quality Monitors since 1985

Quality Guaranteed

Designed in-house, assembled and tested in our world-class, ISO-certified manufacturing facility.

Safety Certified

Certified against stringent UL safety standards and audited by independent regulatory body quarterly.

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  • Batteries

  • Cables

  • Wall Mounts

  • It's own Wi-Fi Hub

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lüft FAQ's

How many lüft do I need?

We recommended having at least one monitor in each of the main living and sleeping quarters.

TIP! Get the lüft home bundle (Kit of 5) and monitor your entire house at once from the mobile app!

What do the front LED colors mean?

lüft will display your Indoor Air Quality status. Green means OK, all is well! Yellow means that at least one of the 6 sensors is at or beyond its Warning threshold. Red means at least one of the 6 sensors is at or beyond its Alert threshold. If you've also enabled the nightlight function, the device will show blue during the night. Advanced users can change all threshold values and color definitions as well as brightness, i.e. choose a different color or brightness of your choice for each state (OK, warning, alert, nightlight) and adjust thresholds for each individual sensor to meet your needs.

Is lüft safe?

Yes. lüft has been certified by Intertek to be compliant with UL and CSA safety standards 61010-1. During that certification process, the device went through rigorous safety testing performed by an independent, certified laboratory. In addition, Intertek audits our manufacturing facility quarterly to maintain that certification. The device was also tested by an independent, certified laboratory to be compliant with Proposition 65, officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.

Does it need to be calibrated?

lüft does not require calibration. There are also no internal batteries and no other serviceable parts.

What is the Air Quality Index (AQI)?

The latest version of the lüft app also provides an outside Air Quality Index or AQI. The AQI is a measure of how clean or polluted the outside air is. AQI values range from 1 to 5 with 1 being good and 5 being very poor air quality.

What does the Mold Risk Indicator do?

The latest version of the lüft app includes a Mold Risk Indicator. The app analyzes the CURRENT conditions of temperature and humidity and determines how likely that mold may develop. The mold risk is provided on a 5-level scale from very low to very high risk. Very low risk means it would take more than a year the prevailing conditions to develop mold, if any. Very high risk means it may take no more than three days for surface mold to develop.

Please note: lüft does not measure mold but gives an indication of the risk of developing mold. Also, other surfaces in the house, like windows and outside walls, may start to show mold even at lower risk levels. This is due to the
fact that the local temperature and humidity index on that particular window or
wall can be significantly different from measurements taken in open air. 

Can I download my data?

lüft allows you to download all historical data in csv format. Open the trend chart and select the duration you would like to download. Then press the download button in the left lower corner of device tile.

What WiFi networks can I connect to?

lüft can be connected to any 2.4GHz WiFi network. Any common "Dual Band" home WiFi router or hub supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Most routers manage the assignment of 2.4GHz or 5GHz automatically and you simply connect to the available network provided by your router. Some routers do provide two networks with 2 different names where one of them is often marked  "5G". In this case, select the network that does not have the "5G" in the name. If you are not sure, please
refer to the label on the
base of your router or the manual for further guidance

Can I plug it into any wall outlet?

Yes, lüft has a UL compliant, auto-ranging power supply rated for 120-430V and 50-60Hz.

Caution for EU based users please note: At this time the device is only certified to be used for 120V, 60Hz applications, i.e. any common US standard wall outlets.

What if I lose power?

lüft will start up again as soon as power is restored. The monitor saves all settings and data for up to 4 years on the device. Upon power up it will reconnect to your WiFi network, restore all custom settings and continue to measure your Indoor Air Quality as before. After a power interruption, the first hourly data reading may be delayed by up to 90 minutes. However, ad-hoc readings can be retrieved at any time before that.

TIP! Enable the power outage notifications, make sure lüft is setup for WiFi and it will notify you about any extended power outage based on your power outage frequency settings. To configure that feature navigate to settings >> notifications >> power outages.

What are default thresholds?

When adding a new device to your account the device uses default warning and alert thresholds. When opening Settings >> Thresholds >> Select Sensor the default thresholds are automatically displayed.

How can I reset it?

To reset your device, press the blue button on the side of the monitor until the LED starts blinking and then release the button. The reset will remove all sensor and user specific data from the device and return all settings to their default values. If you would like to reconnect to the device, please, be sure to remove that device from your phone's Bluetooth list prior to re-connecting again.

Tip! If you were set up for WiFi and added the device back to the same account, lüft will download all your historical data from the cloud backup to your mobile app for a seamless transition. Voila!

What VOC and eCO2 sensors are used?

Unlike our radon, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors which measure absolute values, the sensor measuring VOCs and CO2 equivalents is a relative sensor. It measures changes in levels with very high precision but does not report absolute levels. The built-in logic performs periodic self-levelling to compensate for any long term sensor drift or sensor aging. This enables these types of sensors to measure very small changes in VOC levels which are measured in parts per billion. The latter is essential to detect deterioration in air quality. Most, if not all, VOC sensors in consumer Indoor Air Quality devices work based on the same principle. Please contact your local Indoor Air Professional for any further information.

How to share data with a professional?

You can securely share each individual monitor's data by entering the e-mail of your trusted radon or indoor air professional under "share data" in the individual device menu. Once enabled, your trusted professional can review and monitor your data in real time but has no access to your monitor, your mobile app, or your phone, i.e. it's an at-will data sharing only feature. Data sharing allows for remote monitoring of your air quality by that and only that professional 24/7.

TIP! Enable data sharing for vacation homes or any property you don't live in all year! This ensures all is well all year and may save you from catastrophes like frozen water pipes!

What is the temperature offset?

The Temperature Offset function lets you adjust the temperature calibration by up to +/- 5F. This is useful if you like to synchronize multiple lüft monitor readings or match the readings of your HVAC system. All temperature sensors, including HVAC thermostats, lüft monitors or any other indoor device, can only measure the temperature of their immediate surroundings. Temperatures in rooms vary based on airflow, ventilation, position in the room relative to heaters and HVAC outlets, and other factors. Because temperature and relative humidity are not independent of each other, an adjustment of the temperature offset in a lüft monitor will also adjust the relative humidity accordingly.

What is pressure altitude correction?

The Altitude Correction automatically adjusts the measured atmospheric pressure to sea level. This allows the comparison to the atmospheric pressure commonly reported by your local weather stations (Radio, TV, or Internet). You can disable this feature in Settings>>Thresholds>>Air Pressure.

Still have questions? Let us know how we can help!