SunRADON | Made in USA

SunRADON | Made in USA

Why SunRADON Makes Its Products in the USA

SunRADON provides the most advanced, reliable, and affordable radon and indoor air quality monitors on the market. All our products are proudly designed, manufactured, and serviced in the United States.

SunRADON got its start in 1985 as Sun Nuclear. Since we released our first digital radon detector, we’ve had a drive for innovation and a dedication to customers that hasn’t slowed. Our line of products grew to include radon and air quality monitors that protect homes and businesses across the country.

American Designed, Produced, and Serviced

The SunRADON team is proud that all our products are designed in-house, assembled, and tested in our world-class, ISO-certified manufacturing facility and serviced by a highly trained team right here in the United States.

Have you ever noticed a sticker on a new car that details the percentage of the vehicle that was made in the United States? New cars are required to display this sticker because even though a vehicle is advertised as made in the United States, many parts are often produced overseas and shipped to a U.S. factory, just for final assembly.

At SunRADON, all our air quality and radon monitors are built 100% in the United States. Every assembly and test process is done right here.

If a SunRADON customer needs support, the call doesn’t get sent to an offshore call center. Instead, well-trained, friendly employees answer all customer calls from the company’s Melbourne, Florida office. 

As one happy customer noted, “We started utilizing SunRADON because of the equipment— we’ve stayed for the customer service.”

Most of SunRADON’s contractors are local, too. Supporting local vendors and the Brevard County community helps the local economy and provides employment in the region. SunRADON is proud that they did not lay off a single employee during the COVID pandemic.

The Benefits of Made in the USA

Besides creating jobs and opportunities for our neighbors, designing and manufacturing all our products in the United States offers many benefits for SunRADON and its customers.

Since the design team is based in the U.S., SunRADON can innovate faster with a much shorter feedback loop. Once the design team creates a new product, the testing is done domestically, further shortening the innovation cycle. The quicker feedback, design, and test cycles help SunRADON innovate new technologies and products that our customers rely on.

Since all our radon and air quality monitors are made in the United States, SunRADON can make changes to products faster, with much higher quality control and flexibility than other manufacturers who use off-shore contract manufacturers. This results in an overall more sustainable and flexible product-line. SunRADON customers can get our industry-leading air quality monitors, knowing they are of the highest quality and come with dedicated support, from a facility right here in the United States.

SunRADON products are certified to quality standards, providing peace of mind to customers. Our manufacturing process is regularly audited by Intertek, the worldwide leader in total quality assurance, to guarantee adherence to strict quality, material control, and manufacturing procedures.

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