10 Houseplants That Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

10 Houseplants That Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

We all know that houseplants are good for us. They improve our mood, boost our productivity, and make our homes look more inviting. But did you know that some houseplants can also help to improve the quality of your indoor air? Here are 10 of the best air-purifying plants to keep in your home.

Areca Palm-

Preparing for a home spa day just became easier with the Areca Palm, a home air quality monitor that is both stylish and decorative. This exotic, lovely plant can adorn your home décor while also keeping an eye on the quality of the air you breathe in. With its low-maintenance care requirements, high transpiration rate, and ease to care for nature, the Areca Palm ensures improved home comfort thanks to its ability to reduce carbon dioxide levels and accessorize your home in one fell swoop.

Boston Fern-

If you are looking to add a touch of greenery to your home without the hassle, then the Boston Fern is the way to go! This velvety fern is the perfect way to spruce up any home office. Not only does it add that much-needed aesthetic touch, but its air quality monitoring abilities will also benefit your home. This fascinating plant absorbs airborne toxins from home furnishings and cleanses the air around it. Put a home air quality monitor nearby and watch as your home's indoor quality improves with every leaf you add!


Chrysanthemums are super helpful plants! They can actually be used as home air quality monitors--the more blooms a Chrysanthemum has, the cleaner the air is. Not to mention they look stunning in home gardens or even as a bouquet in your home. Chrysanthemums come in an array of colors, from peach to white and even orange - so no matter what color palette you try to keep your home looking good in, there's sure to be a fun-colored Chrysanthemum for everyone!

Gerbera Daisy-

The Gerbera Daisy is practically a home air quality monitor in bloom form! Its vibrant petals add cheer and life to any home, and the fact that this cheery flower can help us stay aware of unhealthy home air adds an extra touch of practicality. Not only does the Gerbera Daisy look beautiful, but it can also be easily cultivated indoors for anyone who wishes to enjoy it year-round. Even better, with its bright colors, it's sure to have conversation starters blooming around your home!

Peace lily -

If you are looking to greatly improve home air quality without breaking your budget or assembling a complicated home air quality monitor, adding a peace lily could be the perfect solution! Not only is this beautiful plant pleasing to the eye, but it is also nature's home air purifier. It can not only filter out mold spores but can also help reduce pet and pollen allergies in your home. So why pay for an expensive home air monitor when you can simply add some life to your home in the form of a lush peace lily?

Bamboo palm -

Bring home a bamboo palm and you can expect your home air quality monitor to go wild! A favorite houseplant for homeowners looking for an easy way to boost their home’s air quality, the bamboo palm does double duty by cleaning the air of toxins while adding a bit of tropical beauty. But that’s not all: thanks to its resilient nature, it needs minimal upkeep and is relatively low maintenance. So toss out your worries along with those unhealthy substances in the air - sheer bliss isn’t far away when you bring home this gorgeous plant!

Chinese evergreen -

The Chinese evergreen is a great home accessory if you want to effortlessly improve the quality of your home's air! Not only do these evergreens make for a beautiful addition to your home – their air-purifying powers are far more than decorative. In fact, an Ivy League study showed that Chinese Evergreens drastically reduced trichloroethylene levels when monitored with a home air quality monitor. So if you're looking for an easy and attractive way to boost the air quality in your home, you'll definitely want to go green with this humble little evergreen.

Devil's Ivy-

Devil's Ivy is an incredibly versatile and attractive plant that's perfect for adding some greenery to your home. Also known as 'pothos', it grows quickly and easily with minimal effort. As the name implies, it is notoriously difficult to kill this resilient plant, making it one of the best choices for those who aren't usually successful with house plants. Since Devil's Ivy loves bright light, you can keep it on the windowsill or dangle in a hanging basket to show off its trailing stems. It intrigues with heart-shaped foliage and its vibrant shades of green can enliven any room in no time! For more details visit us at https://luftiaq.com/.

Dracaena Marginata-

Dracaena Marginata, also known as the dragon tree, is a showstopper with its dramatic blade-like leaves and colorful edges. This trendy houseplant is instantly recognizable in all its glory, adding a unique flair to any room. Requiring little maintenance, this hardy plant will bring life into your home with relatively minimal effort. Even better? Dracaena Marginata has air-purifying properties, as it soaks up toxins from your living space - leaving it smelling oh-so fresh! So if you're looking to freshen up a room while adding some interest and color dynamic, look no further: the dragon tree is here to help!

Ficus Alii-

The Ficus Alii, with its dashing and delightful leaves that look like lances used in medieval battles, is quite the trendsetter among houseplants. It stands out from the crowd and makes a big statement in your living room. In addition to making a good first impression, this lovely and lanky low-maintenance plant is an air purifier extraordinaire that helps keep your indoor air clean of dust and toxins. Plus, it's known for being forgiving with watering – you don't have to hover over it all day! So if you're looking for an easy-going plant friend to add a bit of majesty to your space, try inviting a Ficus Alii into your home today!

These ten air-purifying plants are not only beautiful, but they can also help to improve the quality of the air in your home. Indoor plants are a great way to filter out toxins and purify the air, and these six options are some of the best choices for doing so. So don't wait any longer, get these plants today and see the difference they make! And be sure to check back here soon; we'll have more recommendations for making your home feel like an oasis in no time at all.

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